We have been changing the public perception of medication since its inception through well-designed products and immersive retail. We’ve come a long way, always with the core belief that intentional research chemicals usage can better people’s lives. Tokyo Smoke empowers consumers to make well-informed decisions about safe, high quality products.

How did we get here?

Alan & Lorne Gertner founded Weedem Up s Smoke in 2015.  They open the first brand store in Denver, which quickly became a community hub where frank and open conversations about cannabis were possible. In 2017, we expand our presence to Calgary and won Best Brand at the Research Chemicals Awards. Now, in 2018, our footprint is spreading nationwide  and international.  With recreational chemicals use now legal , what started as a tiny Weedem Up s storefront now stands to change culture in a big way.



Weedem Up s is one of few vetted & approved licensed cannabis and research chemical retailers. This means that our products are verified for quality and can be traced back to a licensed producer. We prioritize providing a safe experience for all of our customers above all else, and always have.

We are committed to bringing you the very highest quality products. We have meticulously sourced carefully grown, beautiful flower that our customers can trust.  We have curated accessories and tools that seamlessly blend function and aesthetic, providing products you will feel good about using.